A week like no other

Meet some of our alumni and hear what they had to say about their time at Alptitude

"It's like a crowbar for your brain."

Haje Jan Kamps, entrepreneur/VC

"It's hard to describe. Beyond words."

Victor Jimenez, Entrepreneur/podcaster

"I'm so full of knowledge and gratitude. It's incredible."

Traci Gushiken, Creative entrepreneur

"There's such a diverse range of skills and knowledge in the room."

Josh Levine, Thought leader/author/entrepreneur

"There's a lot of wisdom in the approach and people here."

Scott Wolovich, Community builder

"We've talked about our lives and work whilst riding and hiking. A great combination."

Catherine Fourmond, Leader & coach

"It's rare to be in a space where you appreciate everyone in the room."

Nathan Getzin, Creative entrepreneur

"It's been amazing. Smell the pines!"

Kristen Staab, Leader

Alptitude USA returns in 2018

Special thanks to the wonderful Nathan and Ada at Northern Flicker for the videos