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We're dead excited about you joining us for what he hope will be a memorable week for all.

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Who'll be there?


Laurence McCahill
Happy Startup School / Spook Studio

Jack Hubbard
Propellernet / Dream Valley Projects

Carlos Saba
Happy Startup School / Spook Studio

Richard Alderson
Founder Careershifters, Unltd India

Wiro Kuipers
LEGO Serious Play Facilitator / Purposemaker

Alexandre Magno
Founder Adaptworks, Learning 3.0 (Brazil)

Gar Mac Críosta
Founder Business Model Adventures, service designer (Ireland)

Ruth Anslow
Social entrepreneur, co-founder hiSbe foods (UK)

Rens Ter Weijde
Founder Purpose+ (Netherlands)

Haje Jan Kamps
CEO Triggertrap, author (Norway/UK)

Richard Eason
Founder CycleFox (UK)


Ted Irvine
Director VoxMedia/The Verge (USA)


Blake Owens
Hacker/designer, photographer (USA)

Martine Kviem
Creative marketeer, storytelling (Norway)

Tom Druitt
Founder of The Big Lemon Bus company (UK)

Viki Ber
Partner Social Enterprise Arena, Rally Tech for Good Accelerator (Israel)

Alice Davies
Author of The Style of Coworking, Founder Wild Folk, Coach (UK)

Alastair Seaton
Pitching expert, consultant (UK)

Kumaran Mani

Tenth Planet (India)


Charles Davies

Consultant, lecturer, comedian (UK)

Mat Freer

The So Team




Fiona Duffy
Chief Happiness Officer, The Happy Startup School

Neil Shaw

Oli Uwins
Designer/helper, The Happy Startup School


Where is it?


Morillon is in the heart of the French Alps but just 1 hour from Geneva Airport.

With nearby Samoens it has everything you'll need for the week – a big Carrefour supermarket, places to eat and drink, a nearby lake, stunning mountains, waterfalls and rivers.


Getting around



Badney is the main event venue with a top floor space for all early morning sessions, talks & workshops. Esprit is better equipped for those bringing families. They are a 10 min walk from each other. 

Chalet Badney

Le Badney 1881, 74440 Morillon, France

Who's staying here?

Richard Alderson
Ted Irvine
Haje Jan Kamps
Alexandre Magno
Ruth Anslow
Viki Ber
Mat Freer
Tash Bell
Blake Owens
Gar Mac Criosta
Fiona Duffy
Neil Shaw
Rens ter Weijde
Martine Kviem

Chalet Esprit

Le Bois Lombard, 74440 Morillon, France

Who's staying here?

Tom Druitt
Richard Eason
Charles Davies
Oli Uwins
Alice Davies
Alastair Seaton & kids
Carlos Saba
Caitriona Saba & kids
Wiro Kuipers
Judith van Oostrom & kids
Laurence McCahill
Tamsin McCahill & kids

Apartment Exige (next door)
Kumaran & Premalatha Mani


What to bring

Mountains can have all seasons in a day so plan for hot, cold, wet and  dry conditions. Bring good outdoor footwear and wet weather gear as well as sunglasses, sun cream and swim wear.



Bear in mind  this may change depending on the weather. We'll keep you informed on the blackboard at Badney throughout the week. 

Remember everything at Alptitude is optional so don't worry about missing out, it's up to you to have the week you want. Please note all early morning activities and breakfast are included, other activities and meals will be extra. 

All sessions and activities will take place (or require meeting up) at Badney unless otherwise stated.



Arrivals from midday

Welcome dinner reception at Badney from 5pm


Forest run 7.30am

Breakfast 7.30-9.30am

Icebreaker session 10am-12pm

1. Lean Coffee workshop 90 min

"Lean coffee is a structured but agenda-less meeting. Participants gather, democratically choose the topic of discussion by vote, then get talking."

2. Talk: Sharing is the new teaching w/ Alexandre Magno 30 min inc Q&A

"In short: a conversation about prescriptive and emergent learning where I'll share what is Learning 3.0 through concepts, stories and practices. I'm hoping people will be able to relate what we are doing at Alptitude and Learning 3.0"

Ropes course 3pm
€10 kids / €22 adults (2 hr)

Lakeside dinner 6pm
from €15pp

'Dealing with a PR disaster'
A talk from Haje Jan Kamps

"We recently ran a $0.5m Kickstarter campaign that went horribly wrong, and we had to refund our Kickstarter backers the remainder of the money. It was extremely rough, but we learned a lot of lessons along the way. In this very interactive session, I'll outline what happened, how we planned, and how we executed what could have been a company-destroying disaster... And lived to tell the tale. "


Yoga 7.30am

Breakfast 7.30-9.30am

LEGO Serious Play workshop
Run by Wiro Kuipers 10-11.30am

"Experience how it is to think with your hands, and discover this ultra-fast way to share insights - using LEGO bricks"

Via Ferrata* 2pm
€60pp booking required

Fondue forest party 8pm
€40pp incl wine
 *Booking required, not suitable for children*


Mindfulness 7.30am

Breakfast 7.30-9.30am

Hiking with wilderness talk 9.30am
€10-20 pp to cover guide 

'5 things we can all learn from Neil Young'
A talk from Alistair Seaton:

"The musician Neil Young is willful, erratic, but above all, passionate. This has informed his decision-making, both artistic and commercial, throughout his life. This talk will examine what we can all learn from him, the inspirational and the cautionary."

Dinner at each Chalet


Insanity workout 7.30am

Breakfast 7.30-9.30am

Photography for beginners workshop
Run by Haje Jan Kamps 10-11am:

"I've written a stack of books about photography, and have explained photography to more than a few people in my time... And given that we're in a mighty fine location, whaddayasay we go for a photo walk? The idea is to spend about 20 minutes covering the basics, and then spend the next 40 minutes or so going for a walk near the chalets - let's find some nature, let's grab some pictures, and throughout, I'll explain how to capture awesome photos for the folks back home. I'll be shooting with a mirrorless camera, but all are welcome - I've got a few tips for you even if you shoot with a cell phone! "

Market visit

€50 for 1 hour (at Chalet Badney)

Book here »

Impact DNA workshop
Run by Richard Alderson 4-5.30pm

"A 90-mins experiential session on helping people to understand their entrepreneurial profile and how to build effective teams. There are eight types of entrepreneurs in the world. Which one are you? Take part in an interactive session to understand how to reduce overwhelm, build stronger teams and more easily create impact through your work."

Poolside picnic at Chalet Esprit 6pm
Bring a dish and a bottle


Yoga by the lake (7.30am)*

Breakfast (7.30-9.30am)

Workshop  tbc (10-11.30am):

White wafter rafting 2pm 
Special rate €28pp  *Booking required*

Jack's Diner at Chalet Badney 6pm


How to pack the perfect punch
Carlos Saba 7.30am

Breakfast (7.30-9.30am)

Morning talks & discussion (10-11.30am):

1. All frills, no knickers
A talk by 
Richard Eason:

"You’re excited about your new start-up, you want it to look smart and you want it to grow big. I started by pouring away 25% of my start-up capital and bloating my monthly operating costs by 40%, sending my venture on a path towards an early cashflow crisis. Hear about the 4 things I’m now doing differently to help build a viable small business."

2. Popcorn flow
A talk by Gar Mac Criosta:

"Claudio explains it better than I I'm an early adopter. But would love to share some early experiences playing with this method for continuous evolution thru rapid experimentation."

  Free afternoon

From idea to loveable product workshop 3pm
Run by Laurence McCahill & Carlos Saba

"Session for businesses of Morillon, all welcome to attend"

Farewell dinner at Badney 8pm
Price tbc

The story of Badney
At talk by Andrew Berger:

"Founder of the Badney meeting house, Andrew will talk about his journey and insights into world events"


Breakfast 7.30-9.30am

Departure by midday

*Weather permitting


For kids


Ropes Course, Lac Bleu, Sunday PM (same location as adults)

Rock Climbing, Gorge de Tines, Monday PM *(opposite via ferrata site so ties in nicely)

Sales Hike, Tuesday all day. We have some carriers for the little ones. It's an out and back so if it gets tough you can turn back. 

Inflatables Park,  Lac Bleu,  Wednesday PM (sun loungers for parents, while kids bounce for hours)

Rafting, Thursday PM (aged 6 and above)

Rainy day morning/afternoon Vitam Parc (swimming, water slides, soft play)


Pitch your session

If you haven't already, feel free to pitch a session. We'll find time during the week to squeeze more in :)

Hopefully you'll find everything you need here, but if you have any questions just email Fiona (