A week like no other

Highlights from 2015

Jack Hubbard Dream Valley Projects

Martine Kviem Young Happy Minds, Norway
She's not that crazy really :)

Wiro Kuipers Zin in de Zaak, Netherlands

Richard Eason Cyclefox , UK

Gar Mac Criosta Mind Rising, Ireland

"Alptituder – the best definition of who I am."

Alex Magno, Learning 3.0




"I find it really difficult to write about the experience without also at the same time being apologetic. Not about what I experienced, but about my complete ineptitude in explaining why what happened was meaningful.

Even using the factually accurate experience of trying to explain my Alptitude experience as as something that literally transcends words makes me sound like an unbearable tosspot. And yet, that’s exactly what it was: An adventure that re-adjusted how I approached life, people and business. An escapade I’m unhesitant to recommend to anyone who has a mind open enough — despite, not because of, my half-arsed attempt to explain it all — to give it a shot."

Haje Jan Kamps, Triggertrap

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